Electronic Design Services

Hardware Board Design

We offer technical assistance to design circuits and hardware for computer-related devices, tools, and equipment.

Firmware Development

Acquire professional embedded software development services and activate all functions of your system.

Embedded Architecture Design

Our experts quickly prototype and iterate embedded system concepts for our valuable clients.​

Software Development Services

IoT Solutions

Our demanding IoT solutions got your back with sustainable connecting, data collection, and analysis services.​

High Speed Board Design

Our high-speed PCB designs power the devices to transfer the intended data at a very high rate using speedy interfaces.​

RF Design

Our premier automation services help industrial businesses increase efficiency and reduce costs.​

Supply Chain & Production Services

Design and Development

We offer valuable services of custom electronics designs and understand your business’s needs.

Embedded Software & BSP

Say yes to our flexible, highly scalable, and convenient wireless communication solutions.

Component Procurement & Sourcing

Hire us and protect your system from cyber-attacks. We ensure the security of your embedded systems.​